"sexuality is a choice"


"women wouldn’t get raped if they didn’t wear revealing clothes"


"there are only two genders"


"i’m not trying to be sexist/racist, but.."


"a/bi/pansexuality isn’t real"


"gay people shouldn’t have children"


"i don’t want to be friends with a gay person, they could hit on me"


"you can’t identify with the gender you want to be, only the one you were born with"



Anonymous asked:

Why do black people only hang with black people?

lovelyandbrown answered:

c’mere! shhhhhhhh. i’m only telling you, white anon. don’t tell anyone else because i’ll get in trouble.

black people only hang out with black people because it’s in the black bylaws. In the ThreeM Constitution (Malcolm, Martin, Marvin) signed by the three leaders in the back of the Apollo theatre with old fried chicken bones sharpened and dipped in the ink from the oil of mother Africa, we black people pledged to stick together and declare a silent war against the whites.

you see, black people only hang with black people because we are heading back and forth to our all black meetings where we plan our attacks. yes, attacks. once a week, a Nigga Nation (a cluster of black folk, usually between 20-25 persons) are required by Black Law to decimate at least ten whites persons over the age of 18. We kidnap most of them and send them back where they came from (usually Sweden) and threaten to murk their families if they ever return on Black American soil.

that’s as much as i can tell you for now without compromising our next hit. the only way to fend off these attacks are to promise you’ll never use the ‘n word’, you’ll never twerk or use the word ‘twerk’ again, and swear allegiance to our overlord, Oprah Winfrey.

i can only hope and pray this keeps you safe for awhile longer, white anon. 

black power,

ashley X.